Tired Of Being Ghosted? Well Say Hello To Getting ‘Cloaked’

Yep, you read that right! There’s already an evolved form of ghosting and get this, it’s so much worse.

‘Cloaking’ is a term coined by UK Mashable reporter Rachel Thompson after going through a particularly shitty date experience.

Basically, if ghosting were a Pokemon, this would be its evil, evolved form. Not only is it standing your date up, but then it’s also blocking them from any and all forms of communication. Essentially, it’s putting on a Harry Potter “invisibility cloak” of douchebaggery.

Here’s what happened to Rachel.

Prior to setting up this date, her and her match texted enthusiastically about their shared love of pasta. Obviously, the next logical step was to have a first date at a local pasta spot.

Sweet, right? Well, yeah.

The pair playfully texted the morning of the date but when she arrived at the agreed location, her date was nowhere to be found. She waited but he never showed up.

Alright, so she got stood up.

Nah, not only did he stand her up and ignore her texts, she explained that his profile on the dating app she met him on also disappeared and so did their exchanges on the app. A telling sign that he’d unmatched her or blocked her completely.

“This person just disappeared from my phone, so while I was putting highlighter on my face, and putting lipstick on, and getting excited for the date, he was busy blocking me on every single app.”

Rachel Thompson

Ouch. That’s being stood up x 1000. But the sad part is, this isn’t a unique experience. Once Rachel made this term public on social media, HERDS of women had super similar experiences.

And you know what, that’s the joy of the internet. It brings people together who may otherwise have felt that they were alone. Rachel goes on to explain that it’s important to have a word for it because “it helps unite people and helps validate those experiences.” Which is true, it does.

So, while I am furiously trying to keep up with all this lingo that we millennials keep creating, I am also very much here for them because they provide a sense of validation and unity.

Oh, and **** cloaking.

H/T: Mashable

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