This Couple Legit Sits At The Border 6 Feet Apart For Dates And We Can’t Even

Yes, we used the insufferable term ‘can’t even’ in a headline because sometimes things are so cute that you actually just CAN’T even and this is one of those times.

So here’s the story: Savannah Koop and her fiancé, Ryan Hamilton met online; Hamilton lives in Bellingham, Washington and Koop lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Obviously, COVID-19 and the border are a teeny bit tin their way of their long-distance relationship but Koop had to get creative. So she came up with this:


We were supposed to get married in two weeks. But are separated. ##fyp ##fiance ##togetherbutapart

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Yep, they decided to have dates 6 feet apart at the US-Canada border.

Might sound confusing but the US-Canada border is the longest undefended border in the world so there’s basically just a ditch of land between the two countries and trust that no one will cross it.

Like how cute! They’ll each bring their own snacks, blankets, and any other fun date-night accessories and sit there and talk, 6-feet apart but in each other’s presence.

Instagram / alekssharpeimagery

But it’s not without a few interruptions from border officers who’ll ask them what they’re doing. At this point though, they may as well be known as the couple just on a regular date night at the border.

“I’m sure some of them are quite familiar with us. They just wave and drive by,” Koop told Buzzfeed News “We’ve had dates before where they just sit there and watch the entire time.”

“We’ve tried to make it fun and exciting, but it’s a weird thing to work around,” said Hamilton.

“To be able to hold Ryan’s hand again would make me so happy,” said Koop.

“We know so many people are in more dire situations, so we’re so grateful we live in an area where we can see each other in real life. But it’s hard because it’s a bit of a tease, and you still have to say goodbye.”

The pics are hauntingly beautiful though, are they not?!

Instagram / alekssharpeimagery

Do you know any couples that are getting especially creative during this time? Let us know in the comments!

H/T: Buzzfeed News

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